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    5th Annual Wicked Waterfall Ride


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    5th Annual Wicked Waterfall Ride  Empty 5th Annual Wicked Waterfall Ride

    Post by MtnClimber Thu Jan 07, 2021 8:47 am

    Are you looking for a laidback Overlanding trip for the whole family that can provide incredible views, light hiking into hidden waterfalls, and just the right touch of off pavement exploration? Then the Wicked Waterfall Ride is the trip for you!

    5th Annual Wicked Waterfall Ride  20200712

    The great State of Maine has over 100 waterfalls and we want to take you to see some of the best ones all while adding some fun off-road exploration time in between them! Our tour will include a few short hikes to get into some of the most amazing waterfalls. Multiple scenic overlooks will be scattered thru-out the trip and we'll pass through a few attractive villages that beacon to be explored. We will be traversing in, around and over some of Western Maine's greatest landmarks.

    What: Northeast Overland's 5th Annual Wicked Waterfall Ride

    When: Friday, May 28th to Monday, May 31st 2021 (Please arrive between 4pm and 6pm of Friday night!)

    Where: Western Maine

    Meeting Location:  TBA as the adventure gets closer!

    What to Bring: Your street legal and well maintained 4WD vehicle with 8" minimum ground clearance, warm clothing, camping/sleeping/cooking provisions, basic extrication equipment (no chains!), food & water, spare parts/tools/knowledge, camera/batteries, etc.  

    Required Equipment:
    • Five (5) 31" or bigger really good condition AT or MT tires (This means a full-size spare (5 of the same size))
    • Your 4 wheel drive truck/SUV must have a minimum of 8" ground clearance; 4LO is highly recommended.
    • Front and rear recovery points
    • Good working and properly tuned GMRS
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Basic 1st aid kit adequate for the number of people in your rig
    • 2019 or newer DeLorme Maine and NH/VT Atlas and Gazetteer
    • Appropriate GPS unit capable of coordinate navigation, and the knowledge to operate it
    • Basic extrication/recovery kit  NO CHAINS!
    • Basic tool kit for your vehicle
    • Tire repair kit and a means of inflating your tires

    Recommended Equipment (in addition to the required list):
     • Vehicle specific parts + tools
     • A good, clean spare air filter
     • Skid plates
     • Fuel container w/fuel
     • Securely mounted winch and necessary extrication/recovery equipment (again, NO CHAINS!)
     • Anti-bug stuff (spray, netting, permethrin clothing)
     • Toilet paper
     • Shovel, Hi-Lift, axe
     • A good pair of hiking boots and your camera!

    Staff will be assuring you bring the Required Equipment and go over your rig w/a checklist when you arrive and sign-in at the first nights gathering. Participants will not be allowed on the ride until the list of required items is fulfilled. This is for everyone's safety and enjoyment.

    5th Annual Wicked Waterfall Ride  Sprintime-at-Smalls-Falls-near-Rangeley-Maine1

    What to Expect: We will be traveling mostly on well-built logging roads and some old grown-in roads with a limited amount of paved ways in between. Some of the roads we'll be traversing can become very tight and narrow along with potential washouts. A few "roads" are riddled with ginormous rocks (think boulders) and 4Lo will be used!! 4WD is required, bring something with 8" minimum ground clearance.  Some of the area to be covered is very remote and that needs to be respected. Spotty cell service is to be expected as well.

    Camping will be in a different location each night, the ole point-to-point style. We will have a drivers meeting at 0800 on Saturday morning before we start off on our first leg of the adventure. The ride will end mid-afternoon on Monday.

    Ride Fees: Non-refundable $150 per vehicle (not per person!). To register, please send $150 to via PayPal. When you register, please supply us with your full name, State & Town, vehicle info (yr, make, model) and this ride, WWR.  Routes are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

    There is only a 6 rig limit, so be sure to get your spot early!

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    5th Annual Wicked Waterfall Ride  Empty Re: 5th Annual Wicked Waterfall Ride

    Post by MtnClimber Sun Feb 07, 2021 5:02 pm

    This ride is full!! Thanks everyone!

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    Put a little gravel in your travel. It's human nature to want to explore.

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