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    Flexy Taco


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    Flexy Taco Empty Flexy Taco

    Post by MtnClimber on Sun Jan 29, 2017 5:23 pm

    Flexing around on a frozen, snow covered sand pile on Friday (01/27/17)

    Flexy Taco 16266034_1850988411826899_4210635899331713199_n
    Flexy Taco 16298637_1850988391826901_5166068627733322204_n
    DS Rear 33x12.5 just about completely stuffed..
    Flexy Taco 16425808_1850988408493566_4409793569201062942_n
    Flexy Taco 16406615_1850988481826892_1348774342478308735_n
    Flexy Taco 16265666_1850988518493555_8767856085387879931_n
    Flexy Taco 16298830_1850988541826886_3957229932049219269_n

    Look how well the front flexes...(swaybar still connected..)
    Flexy Taco 16299415_1850988558493551_3355079920171617772_n
    Flexy Taco 16406930_1850988618493545_6163129562779619306_n
    Flexy Taco 16298365_1850988678493539_4558337329436767609_n
    Flexy Taco 16195883_1850988691826871_2524913658764368674_n
    Flexy Taco 16266043_1850988708493536_1666342596334606456_n
    Flexy Taco 16425870_1850988751826865_5343854722639309150_n
    Flexy Taco 16298371_1850988761826864_773566648079489498_n
    Flexy Taco 16265246_1850988778493529_7200955340118867983_n
    Flexy Taco 16406588_1850988808493526_8681113137963010727_n

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